Assembly & process stations

We supply our customers with smart and functional assembly & process stations. Based on a thorough analysis of the requirements, we design and produce customer specific systems that are tailored to your application, but still based on a solid industrial standard. Our experience ranges from manual operated assembly stations, to fully automated process lines that include quality inspection and connections to your MES & ERP system.The application portfolio consists of vision-assisted micro-assembly modules, glue dispensing systems, laser marking, ultrasonic welding,  various surface treatments and many other relevant industrial production processes.


Part feeding and handling is critical and can be quite challenging in automation processes. We are able to support manual infeed concepts, but also a wide variety of (semi)automatic methods like vibration/bowl feeders, vision assisted flex feeders or defined position pick-up depending on the requirements of the project. From the defined infeed position, parts can be handled or transported to processing stations. Various standard industrial solutions will be considered and whatever fits best to the required process can be applied. In addition, we offer logistics simulation of the production line to optimize cycle time and availability if needed. Besides the typical batch processes, we have gained substantial experience in roll-to-roll processes where web-tensions is a key parameter to control.

Parts handling

Quality control

“To measure is to know”, that is why inline quality control systems of all kind are so important to become fully aware of variations in the process. We are able to development and implement systems that measure your critical-to-quality (CTQ) parameters continuously. Our experience ranges from configurable smart-vision solutions up to high-end (Halcon-based) machine vision algorithms and implementation. In addition, we are able to develop and integrate any product- or process-specific QC test that is needed to make your project a success.


We have decades of experience with leading brands used in factory and machine automation, like Beckhoff and Siemens. Moreover, we work according to industry standards like ISA-88 and PackML.

We have invested in our standard software framework consisting of mechatronic building blocks. This modular approach allows us to build customer-specific machines on a solid but flexible basis.

Apart from the actual equipment and process control, this includes an Human Machine Interface and communication with traditional MES, ERP or SCADA systems or using IoT protocols enabling Smart Production Services like predictive maintenance and smart quality control with Digital Twins.

This approach enables us to offer you custom yet standardized and flexible solutions with a strong focus on your core process.

System monitoring & control software

Process development & new technology introduction

Over 25 years of system development experience by Demcon for industrial research groups and the high-tech industry make us an ideal partner for your process challenges.

The expertise of our engineers combined with our fully equipped technology centre and various test laboratories enable us to develop innovative process solutions from scratch. We closely work with a selected range of preferred suppliers that have specific application knowledge complementary to ours.

Together we are able to resolve the toughest production challenges.