High-capacity production of face masks

The challenges

The experiences with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have made it clear that the availability of personal protective equipment, such as FFP2 masks in sufficient quantity and of reliable quality, is of paramount importance for the effectiveness of countermeasures. Facemasks are now prescribed or at least strongly recommended to the general population by many national and local governments. The goal is to hamper the spread of the virus while allowing a higher personal mobility for the people in their everyday lives.

In order to be able to meet the resulting enormous increase in the demand for FFP2 face masks on short notice, in times when one cannot rely on overseas imports, high-capacity production machines are required that can be operated economically in the region.

The solution

Demcon industrial systems was contracted to develop and build a high-capacity production machine for facemasks. The machine has a modular design to facilitate the adaptation to custom products. Starting from the raw material, which is supplied on rolls with the correct width, it full automatically produces folded facemasks with elastic head straps. Product marking, quality inspection and custom packaging solutions are optional.

It machine can be customized and adapted to specific requirements:

  • other mask designs: FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 with different number of layers, different materials and different mask geometries
  • integration in the existing production: interfacing with pre- and post-processing lines, e.g. for packaging


For more information about this project, please contact us via industrial@demcon.com or download this flyer which includes the technical characteristics.


This project is part of CO-VERSATILE