Batteries and New Energy

During the last two decades, lithium-ion batteries have reached the status of being the spearhead of the automotive market. This technology will enable automakers to shift away from fossil fuel-based internal combustion engines.

Mass production of battery cells on an industrial scale is important for the success of electro-mobility. There is intensive ongoing research in the field of material sciences and the electrochemistry of lithium-ion battery cells. Advances in battery cell technology need to be joined with modern production technology to bring the latest innovation to mass market.

Manufacturing processes like electrode coating, drying, calendaring, winding or stacking, electrolyte filling and electrical formation are characteristic for cell production. High quality processing with inline quality control is decisive for to reduce production costs and increase the cell performance.

Demcon is offering turnkey equipment solutions for cell manufacturing and inspection from laboratory to production. The expertise of our engineers and our in-house technology centre are the basis for the broad spectrum of solutions from process development, via individual process stations to fully automated production lines.

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