The DEMCON group has established a considerable track record in the development of medical devices. Demcon industrial systems’ expertise in developing production technology for the medical industry complements this service.

We have delivered a broad range of medical production systems ranging from semi-automated tooling for small-batch production up to fully automated, high-volume assembly lines with integrated quality control and electrical batch record (EBR) functionality.

Over time, we have gained extensive experience in most medical relevant production process technologies like ultrasonic welding, laser cutting & marking, dispensing and (micro) assembly.

Production technology for disposable products like in-vitro diagnostics (ivd) are a particular strength of us.

We tend to use our proprietary Smart Machine Base (SMB) platform as a starting point for client-specific solutions to reduce lead-time without the sacrifice of quality.

How can we help you in the production of your medical devices?

Erik Heijdens

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