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The challenge

Many of our customers are looking for a simple solution to automate their application and do not want to resort to a complex automation system. For example, laboratories, testing environments or production facilities often need to efficiently move and control measuring or testing systems, marking devices, adhesive or dispensing heads, or grippers. Key factors concerning such automation include highly accurate repeatability, precise positioning and rapid processes despite the sometimes heavy weights involved in the application’s technology. In addition, of the need to quickly adapt motion sequences by means of simple software changes is often paramount. This does not always require a complex automation system.

The solution

In many cases, we can find a solution for your application automation using our scalable and ready-to-install positioning systems and drive sets. Our drive sets contain all the components required for the convenient automation of motion tasks: kinematics, motors, controls, sensors and connecting elements. The software is also already included and will be adapted for you, according to your wishes. Fully connected, pre-configured, tested and provided with appropriate documentation, you can focus entirely on your process.

Our drive sets consist of linear units with up to three axes and scalable axis lengths. With repeatability accurate to 0.025 mm, speeds up to 5 m/s and load capacity up to 40 kg, we can use our drive sets to solve many tasks. We would be pleased to program your automation process for you or support you in the use of our easy to program controller with the aid of our matching Motion Basic programming software.

We will be happy to help you select the appropriate drive set and find the right automation solution to incorporate motion into your application.


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Key features

  • Our drive sets make it easy to position and move your application
  • Can be integrated into existing plants or used as an independent system e.g. in laboratory applications
  • One-, two- or three-axis systems, optionally equipped with a turntable, if required
  • Repeatability as accurate as 0.025 mm
  • Speeds up to 5 m/s
  • Maximum load capacity of 40 kg
  • Fully pre-configured, assembled and tested
  • Programming with simple Motion Basic programming software or other high-level languages possible
  • Our motion controller capable of both path or point-to-point control
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