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The challenge

Rohde & Schwarz, one of our customers and a leading manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for the aerospace and other industries, wanted to automate a precise positioning process for a complex laboratory set-up. This process involved moving two probes towards each other in a flexibly programmable manner until, without colliding, they reached any combination of two points on a 400×400 mm² surface being examined. In addition to reaching two independent x-y positions, it also had to be possible to raise and lower the probe. Repeatability of movement had to be accurate to 0.05 mm, with a speed of up to 1 m/s in each direction. The weight of each probe was to be 100 g. The test procedures, which run over several hours, needed to be easily programmable. The motion systems would be installed in an existing laboratory base by the customer itself.

The solution

Demcon industrial systems succeeded in developing and building the six-axis linear robot. All 6 axes work synchronously under a single control. A Can-Bus is used to enable controllers to communicate with the motors and sensors of the axes. A PC interface running LabView can be used to load programming into the autonomous control. Collision protection is provided by the special adapter design, in which two probes are attached to the heads of the motion systems, as well as the intelligent control software.

As demonstrated by this problem solution for a demanding customer, we are able to implement outstandingly precise and reliable systems for the most varied positioning tasks. Our ready-to-install positioning systems may comprise 1, 2 or 3 linear axes and can be supplemented by rotary axes. We can design them for you using motors suitable for the task at hand and our modularly expandable motion control.

Before delivery, each system is carefully assembled, commissioned and tested for compliance with specifications and quality. The components are then disassembled for transport so that they can be easily reassembled at the buyer’s site and installed in its application.

In addition to the motorised axis system, each ready-to-install positioning system includes the easily programmable controller, detailed documentation and a software package.


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Key features

  • Our drive sets make it easy to position and move your application
  • Can be integrated into existing plants or used as an independent system e.g. in laboratory applications
  • One-, two- or three-axis systems, optionally equipped with a turntable, if required
  • Repeatability as accurate as 0.025 mm
  • Speeds up to 5 m/s
  • Maximum load capacity of 40 kg
  • Fully pre-configured, assembled and tested
  • Programming with simple Motion Basic programming software or other high-level languages possible
  • Our motion controller capable of both path or point-to-point control
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