Stripe applicating Machine

The challenge

Our customer “Dürr AG”, a leading producer of coating technology, has developed a new spray head, which is capable of applying paint without any overspray. It brings many advantages for industrial coating processes for example, masking of adjacent areas becomes unnecessary.

In order to deliver a fitting paint for this specific spray head, paint manufacturers now have to tests their coating products in combination with the spray head, standardized substrates, normally flat metal sheets, in a reproducible and highly precise movement.

The movement ideally simulates the work of a robot at the coating line but in a controlled laboratory environment.

Demcon systec is familiar with the development of such machines and has therefore developed a laboratory machine that can process both water-based paints and solvent-based paints. An important requirement for the machine is the guarantee of safety, especially because of possible explosion hazards through the use of solvent-based paints.

The solution

Demcon Systec managed to design an ATEX certified testing machine, capable of handling two different paints and solvents.

Paint manufacturers are now able to define their test-programs and parameters to find the best formula and settings for their coating products. To compare different formulas of paints, the machine recreates the exact same movement with high precision every time a program is run.

To achieve ATEX certification, the engineers of Demcon Systec designed the testing cell containing paint bearing tubing and the operational printing head undergoing a constant flow of clean air. The evenly applied draft of air reduces the concentration of solvents and ultimately draws the solvent vapour out of the testing machine into the laboratory’s contaminated air treatment and filtering.

“The Durr EcoPaintJet technology build into the Demcon ATEX compliant stripe applicator makes a contribution to new developments in the paint & coat industry, more efficient painting processes, and improved health protection for employees.”